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This battery storage case is a great item to eliminate your cluttered drawers and closets, keeping your batteries neat and organized. It includes a battery tester so that you can know if your battery is good, low, or needs to be replaced. Stores up to 110Pcs batteries in various sizes, 48 AA, 24 AAA, 8 D Cell, 10 C Cell, 8 9V battery and 12 button cell batteries

  • 110-Battery Capacity Rack It allows for a variety of sizes of the batteries: 48pcs AA, 24pcs AAA, 8pcs D Cell and 10pcs C Cell, 8pcs 9V battery and 12 button cell batteries. Take the guessing and mess out of life with this sleek, storage solution.
  • Right Size Space-Saving Organizer: Special slot is designed to hold plenty of batteries, ensuring they don’t fall out. Each slot allows easy access to all batteries. It will not be too tight or too loose. The correct size will stop the batteries from sliding around and colliding with one another or losing their place.
  • Removable Battery Tester: Coming with a removable battery tester, you can read the working gear and remaining time through the indicator display. The tester doesn’t require other batteries for operation. It works on the power of the battery you are testing. Convenient small tool can tell you if your battery is good, low, or needs to be replaced.
  • No Useless Lid & Wall-mounted Design: Our wall mount battery case organizer will go mount perfectly on any flat wall space. No lid design means you have direct access to your item without any worries, even in the drawer. You do not have to pull out your drawer completely.
  • Warm Prompt: Please keep the organizer dry. Wipe immediately if it gets wet. Keep it from dust and dirt. Though it is wall-mounted, do not drop the battery organizer.


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