Drum Practice Pads with 3 Pairs of Drum Sticks and Adjustable Snare Drum Stand


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The drumstick has a wide range of application and it can be suitable for various musical instruments like drum kit and more. It is made out of superb walnut. It is definitely suited to model of 5A and 7A .

  • The drum practice pad is combined with environmentally-friendly TPE rubbers, poplars and shockproof cottons. The material is non-toxic, nonslip and harmless. The beat of the drum is almost quiet so you don’t you have to worry about disturbing others.
  • Whoever plays the drum is in need of a silent drum practice pad because it can help you quickly and easily master the skill of how to better beat a drum. Our drum pad provides a hand feel of setting rebound while playing it, which is much closer to the real drum.
  • The height of this drum stand is adjustable, which can be ranged from 20 inches to 29 inches. Both adults and children can use it in a seated position. The drum head can also be adjusted too. It is suitable for the drum that the diameter is between 8 -15 inches and the depth is less than 6 inches.
  • The drumstick is made from excellent walnut and more importantly, it is fit for model of 5A and 7A. Therefore, both beginners and professionals are acceptable. What’s more, it can be widely used in other musical instruments like drum set etc.
  • We provide you with a double-sided drum practice pad, a drum stand and three pairs of drumsticks. Each of them has been equipped with a carry case, a drawstring bag and a drawstring pouch. In this way, it avoids the problems of stuff lying around.
  • Material: TPE Rubber, Poplar and Shockproof Cotton
  • 1 * Drum Practice Pad
  • 1 * Carry Case
  • 1 * Drum Stand
  • 1 * Drawstring Bag
  • 3 * Drumsticks
  • 1 * Drawstring pouch


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