Halter Dual LCD Adjustable Monitor Stand


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What a great versatile option to help clear up an active work station. One convenient Monitor Stand with Dual Display Arms.

  • The Halter Dual LCD Adjustable Monitor Stand gives you the ability to have either two LCDs or an LCD and Laptop or Notebook simultaneously on your desk without taking up vital work space.
  • Very adjustable with ultimate positioning flexibility for maximum viewing comfort, leaves you with less neck, back and eye strain associated with computer use.
  • Choose to extend the arm display in either direction or fold back over the base into a compact position.
  • Comes with Notebook Arm Mount Tray to hold your Laptop or Notebook. Plus it has a concealed wire compartment to keep your desk clutter free.
  • Connection : Desk Clamp and/or Grommet Base
  • Bearing weight : 18 kilograms (39.5 pounds) both arms together.
  • Swirling from left to right : 360 degree
  • Combined Arm extension : 65CM (25″)
  • Movement top to bottom ;
  • Starting at center 45 degree up and 45 degree down
  • End LCD connector piece moves 90 degree up and 5 degree down
  • Height of center connection post : 41.91 CM (16.5″)


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