Microphone Arm Stand with Mic Boom Arm Stand


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This brand-new strong spring with extra positioning screw can produce high-quality sound and block dust and spit effectively, and it can also protect your mic from shaking and suddenly falling from height. The premium-grade acoustic foam with high density and good elasticity is proved to be soft, thick and durable.

  • Upgraded Spring & Premium-Grade Material
  • Super-Strong Spring & High-Quality Foam
  • Filterable, Adjustable & Flexible
  • Double-Layer Filter
  • Adjustable, Anti-Scratch & Portable to Carry
  • Widely Used
  • Material: Iron
  • 1 * Mic Boom Arm Stand
  • 1 * Mic Boom Arm Stand
  • 1 * Metal Screw Adapter
  • 1 * Mic Pop Filter
  • 4 * Cable Ties
  • 1 * Microphone holder


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