Studio Microphone Pop 3 Filter Layers Windscreen Shield Cover Mesh


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One of the prominent features of this microphone pop filter is that the metal mesh goes well with the plastic frame. As a result, it has a unique design from the appearance. More importantly, it can prevent saliva from spraying on the microphone and thus, keeping the microphone clean and protecting it from damage at the same time.

  • It is suitable for microphone with diameter between 45 mm and 63mm, such as AT2020, AT2035, AT4040, ATH2050, AT2020+, Apogee, BADAAX Mic, BM-800, CAD GXL2400, CAD U37, MXL 770, MXL 910, MXL 2010, MPM-2000U, Razer Siren X, Rode NT1A, Rode NT-USB, Samson Meteor, Scarlett CM25, Neumann U87, etc. Please note that it does not fit BLUE YETI.
  • The pop filter is composed of three layers of structure, namely a foam layer, a metal net layer and a basic etamine layer. With three layers together, it can effectively reduce plosive, pops, crackles, wind interference and breath sounds while recording sound. Functionally, it can also prevent spitting, spray, other harmful dust and moisture.
  • With a combination of elastic band and inner rubber ring, you can easily install the microphone and remove it quickly without an effort. In this way, it can be firmly fixed on the microphone in such a quick and convenient way. This kind of special design perfectly matches your own mic.
  • The U shape design makes the pop filter well fit with your studio microphone. What’s more, the metal mesh and plastic frame are light enough so that it won’t affect the appearance of microphone. This microphone windscreen cover is perfect for Youtube videos, vocal recording, streaming and gaming.


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