100-Pack: Impecca Alkaline Platinum Batteries


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These platinum Alkaline batteries lasts for up to 10 years, when unused and stored properly. These batteries are suitable for everyday household devices including toys, flashlights, wireless keyboards and mouse, remote controls, and many other devices. Designed to provide reliable and lasting performance for both high and low drain devices.


  • 1.5-volt alkaline batteries, high energy, leak-resistant, with long-lasting shelf life
  • These batteries can be used with a variety of devices including:
    • Remote controllers
    • Digital cameras
    • Game consoles
    • Toys
    • Clocks and electronic devices
  • Environmentally safe batteries
  • Mercury and cadmium free, making them safe for the home and better for the environment
  • Pack of 100 1.5 Volt alkaline batteries, packed in a plastic box card


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