2 Tier Dual Glass Shelf Wall Mount


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This is a wall-mounted, unobtrusive display shelf that functions as a perfect solution to suspending DVD player and any other audio or video components just below the wall-mounted flat screen. The height of shelves is adjustable so that it provides an option to move shelves up and down depending on the units dimensions. Included cable management system makes cable less cluttered and simple. The slim and sleek designed tempered glass has large loading capacity up to 10kg/22.04lbs.

  • Slim tempered glass shelf holds up devices up to 10kg/22.04lbs.
  • Cable management system makes cable to be simple and orderly.
  • 3 adjustable shelf heights allow units to be mounted at optimal height.
  • Glasses finished with an all-black coating for a sleek look.
  • Good stability shelves designed for holding cable box, DVD player and any other audio or video components.
  • Efficient setup.
  • Note: Plastic cover for wall plate is easily to be damaged in times of installation. So make sure wall plate is installed onto the wall before inserting the plastic cover.
  • 2 x Glass Shelves
  • 2 x Glass Holders
  • 4 x Cable Organizers
  • 1 x Wall Plate
  • 2 x Plastic Covers for Wall Plate
  • 1 x A Pack of Hardware Kits


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