Desktop Charger for Nintendo Switch Poke Ball Plus Controller


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With the most up-to-date unique and fashionable type from the outside of the desktop charger, it is designed to be intelligent. Because when it is in a full charge of capacity state, it will automatically disconnect charging then the charging base will seem like a stand.

  • This desktop charger is specially designed for Nintendo Switch Poke Ball Plus Controller. Once it is completely charged, under normal circumstances, it will automatically disconnect charging, in that way, the charging base will look like a stand.
  • The indicator light will be turned on when the power is on. It is divided into two status: charging state and saturated state. Namely, the indicator light will be shown red as long as it is in the process of charging. When it’s done, it will be displayed blue.
  • There are overall three different kinds of protection of this USB charging stand: short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection. In that way, it can make the desktop charger safe and secure. The input is 5 V 1A and the output is 0.2 A.
  • The charging base is made from good quality material- ABS plastic, which is proved to be tough, durable and eco-friendly. Besides, the anti-slip pad on the bottom of base is to increase friction and enhance slip resistance.


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