Handheld Game Console for Kids/Adults X12 Pro


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This product have 2000+ games to select. The 5.1 feet of LCD eye care screen is our ultimate choice in balancing visual experience and lightness, and other people’s products are far inferior to ours in terms of overall score. Its use of the latest ergonomic design to make classic games in the new era brought you a new experience, other people’s products are just retro and do not take into account the player’s experience. In addition to playing games, this handheld console also supports watching movies, listening to music, and reading e-books.

  • 2000+ Retro Video Games: This game console built-in 2000+ retro Arcade/SNES/NES/GB/GBC/GBA/MD/PS1 video games. Go back to the fun times of the past with these classic games, enjoy the charm of these classic games beyond time. Most of these games are from the 80s and 90s classic games.
  • Portable and Rechargeable: This mini style handheld game console is extremely portable and light weight, easy to carry wherever you go on a business trip, traveling, or camping. Specially designed batteries can run for a long time after charging.
  • Unique System: Make full use of free time, the system supports SL(Save and Load) at any time. People who are not familiar with the settings and interface can easily get started. Each play can start from the place where it was interrupted last time, and you can also add your favorite games to the quick game list for a quick start.
  • Multimedia Gaming Device: This device can not only play games, but also listen to music, watch movies, and read e-books. You can use a USB connection to your computer to download the files to the device. Support MP4/AVI/3GP/FLV/MP3/WMA/TXT and other formats.
  • Perfect Gift: Whether for kids or adults, this game console is a perfect gift. It has both nostalgia and gameplay at the same time. You can send it to your family and enjoy the happy time brought by classic games together.


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