HDV100 Game Console


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This product is a small pocket wireless TV stick for home use. Built in authorized classic
nostalgic games, more than 2000 games can be played through TF memory card.
It has 32bit game console, 16 bit SFC, 16 bit MD and many other 8Bit games, Av output version purchase option, minimum TV.

  • Age: over 5 years old
  • Games: 2000 exclusive games
  • Material: ABS environmental protection material
  • Output support: AR, SFC, FC, MD, SMS, GBC, GG…
  • Product size: 13.8*10.5*5.7cm
  • Weight: 272 grams
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Support: TFcard
  • Action games: including “Mario 3”, “Super Mario”
  • Shooting game: Contra 24in1, including Super Contra
  • Sports games: including SOCCER
  • Fighting games: including Turtle 2, BADMITON
  • Puzzle games: including Tetris, PacMan


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